Alma Duran Merk

Alma Durán-Merk

  Curriculum Vitae  

Alma Durán- Merk graduated in Mass Communication in Mexico. She worked several years as copywriter and producer in both Mexico and the United States. With the Master’s thesis entitled “Identifying Villa Carlota: German Settlements in Yucatan, Mexico” she obtained the Magistra Artium degree in Ethnology from the University of Augsburg, in Germany. She is since 2008 research associate and lecturer at the University of Augsburg. Additionally, she currently works on her doctoral thesis about the acculturation of German immigrants in Yucatan from 1865 until 1965. Among her publications we find “Villa Carlota: Historia de las colonias alemanas en Yucatán” and “Nur deutsche Elite für Yukatan? Neue Ergebnisse zur Migrationsforschung während des Zweiten mexikanischen Kaiserreiches".


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