Hermann J. HendrichDipl.Ing. TH Hermann J. Hendrich 
Rathausstrasse 3/16
Email: Hermann.Hendrich@tele2.at
A 1010 Vienna, AustriaTel.: +43 (0) 2252 472828 (studio)
 Curriculum Vitae 

Born 1934 in Vienna, Austria, diploma in engineering from the Technical University of Vienna in 1961. Has participated and originated artistic developments in the areas of poetry, film, theatre, photography and the new media since 1959. In the early 60ies he developed a strong interest in cultural anthropology. A broad spectrum of positions and jobs have been filled throughout the past decades: from theatre director to sales manager, from international representative to film producer, from art event organizer and publisher to university lecturer. Literary publications since 1962, essays and other texts on a wide area of subjects since 1967.
Selected titles in English translation: "zehn" short novel, 1973; "die reise nach de panne" experimental novel, 1982; "Sensuality and Revolution" essay 1972; "Social work under Assistance of Technical Media" essay 1976; "Structure in Film" essay 1988; "The multi-dimensional artist Marc Adrian" recognition 1993; "Structural Aspects in Austrian Avantgarde Film" 1994; "Distinct Consciousness States and Literary Creativity" essay 2002 ( Publications ).
In 1999 he established a small studio for digital video and has published since then a number of documentaries on Austrian artists. He has travelled widely in Mexico since 1963 and works as videographer and digital photographer for the association's products.


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